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26 Mar 2013
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How to Build the Image of a New Business y la Escuela Americana lanzan una alianza llamada “#EnglishMLl“. Entérate y aprovecha al máximo este innovador proyecto en

Translated by: Paola Rodriguez

If you are thinking of establishing your own business, any kind of business, like a bakery, workshop, beauty parlor, barber shop, coffee shop, or restaurant, the nature of your idea doesn’t matter, for with this article we want to help you start building the image of your newborn business, and even if it still only exists in your mind, that is a start.

 The first thought we usually have when we are about to take flight is the name we should choose for our business or product. Thinking of a name can take a lot of time, since it is a job that requires as much creativity as it does strategy. This is why the purpose of this article is to also help you find the most organized and easy way to begin your business: the name, logo, communication, customer service…everything is important when it comes to building a brand. These are some of the major steps you have to take:

1. Analyze the competition

This first step feels like it has been pulled out of Sun Tzu’s book, The Art of War, but in reality it is more common than what we think. Analyzing the competition can give you a valuable head start as long as the objective is to find the conventionalism of the category, which is to determine the factor that makes all businesses “similar” in order to make a difference in yours.

2. Find a Differentiator

Once you have analyzed your competition, find a differentiator for your business (an added value which the competition lacks), something that is easy to recognize and the factor for which you want people to identify you. There are rational differentiators, for example customer service, lower prices, better quality, bigger establishments, more parking spaces, etc. However, there are also emotional differentiators, which include the buyer-seller relationship, the specialization, the solidity, etc. The most important part of this is that you need to make sure that this “plus” in your business must be real and must be put into practice every day.

3. Possible Customers

Knowing the customer or user is vital for the success of a business or brand. This can allow you to develop more effective strategies and means of communication. Write down characteristics that would create the ideal client for your business or the most suitable consumer for your product: what he wears, his job, his daily routine, his means of transportation, his home, etc. Questions like these will help you discover the interests, likes, and preferences of your target customer; this way you will be able to design strategies that connect and attract the product to the consumer.

4. Think of a Name

The time has come! This is a great moment to think about how you would like to name your business. After the investigation done on the competition, the positioning provided by the differentiator, and the knowledge you have of the client, the task of thinking of a name should be both creative and strategic. Try to think of a name that is easy to pronounce and remember, and that is user/client-friendly. Also, try to look for a completely different name from the competition, for this will help you build a better identity for your own business.

5. The Logo

Developing a logo is extremely important, and the task should be done with the utmost responsibility. The goal of a logo is to accompany the business or product for a long time, and this is the reason why this job should be given to a digital designer or a specialist in this field.

6. Create a Team The Believes in your Idea

Even if your team is composed of one person or twenty people, there is nothing better than knowing you can count on people who will help you pull from the same side of the rope.

7. The Place

The environment that is generated when you come into a place immediately influences the emotions and behavior of a person. It doesn’t matter if you have a small building or a large one; the image of your business must always be kept clean and impeccable. You should use resources like lighting and color to generate pleasing and comfortable rooms for the customers, as long as these decorations are directly related with the image of your logo and business.

8. Everything Communicates

Take advantage of all of the resources that you posses to position your brand: a greeting at the front door, the uniforms for your employees, the “look” of the place, etc. The most important thing to learn is that everything communicates, even if you do not want it to; that is why the best tip is to take advantage of every available space.

9. Develop, Revise, and Correct

Starting off a new business is a huge challenge, but at the same time it is a spectacular and unforgettable journey; learning from both the victories and failures through this experience is guaranteed. Think of ideas, put them into words, make them into actions, and correct the mistakes. The most successful people are not the ones who have never made a mistake, but the ones who have embraced learning in every experience. Remember one of Walt Disney’s most well known phrases, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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