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16 Abr 2013
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Elsy Montenegro – ADN Branding y la Escuela Americana lanzan una alianza llamada “#EnglishMLl“. Entérate y aprovecha al máximo este innovador proyecto en

Translated by: Alejandro Lampell

Who is Elsy Montenegro?

I am the general manager of a company named ADN (DNA) Branding, which is a part of the Calvo Communication Group. This company specializes in branding (read on to learn more details about “branding”), in the construction of a brand. We work in different areas of brand construction: one of them being the strategy, the other the image and we are currently working on a new product that is the person brand. We have been working for the group for a year now. I also see the strategic part and creativity of the company.

What is your profession?

My first education was in graphic design and that was how I got to know the advertising field. I worked in advertising and later we started working on the brand part. I later earned a masters in Creativity and Strategic Planning in Madrid and that is what we are committed to at ADN (DNA).

What does ADN(DNA) Branding do?

We, like companies, work in three different stages: we support up and coming companies; ideas that are going to be formed from scratch. We support the growth of these companies. We also have a stage where brands or companies already exist, but need a reappraisal of their strategy or reappraisal of their  image. These companies may have been in the market for a long time, but they still need a revaluation of their strategy.

What are your values?

One of our values is identity. We believe that the best advertising you can do for a company is the credibility of their brand. And that credibility is in their identity. And we believe in the identity of the brand, when it is about the essence or DNA of a product, of an organization or of a brand, and that is where we find the truth and essence of the brand.

Another one of our values is consistency, because we believe that the identity has to be aligned with the brand image. One thing  is, as a brand, how do I look, how do I define myself in a competitive market.

What is the added value of DNA Branding?

The main value is that we work at a deeper level with brands and in fact that was one of the reasons why we decided to call the company DNA, because our idea is to reach the most essential part of the brand. It is not just inventing something out of thin air or only devising cosmetic or graphic changes of a brand, of a product, of a company or of a logo. The main reason DNA exists is to discover the identity of the brands, define what their DNA is and through this, find them a unique place in the world.

How would you define branding?

All of the contents of communication are summarized in branding. Why? Because if we understand branding as the construction of the brand, anything we do, whether it be under our control or without realizing it, produces a brand. Talking, doing advertising builds a brand, not advertising also builds brand. For me, branding is what tries to align one tool with another to position brands at the heart of the community.

What is the importance of the proper management of social networks in the creation of a new brand or of a company that is already positioned?

It has everything to do with it, especially in these times. Before we needed to see an ad on TV to believe in the brand. Now times are changing. We need perhaps the  reference of others to know if a product is good or not. And the fastest way to obtain references is on the internet. It is using social networking tools, seeing reviews, listening to comments from people who maybe we do not know but who are specialists in the subject.

Now people are looking to the internet as a point of reference for what is being said about products. And of course, if you are not on social networks, then you do not exist.

Should companies take into account the feedback of their segments through the comments that arise on the web?

Of course they should. In fact, we work a lot on the research part, because we believe that the consumer has the truth, and the truth of the consumer is super important to the brand, because it is the reality he has built in relation to the product that he lives with, because he takes this product to his house, invites it to sit at his table, he probably sleeps with it.

So this product is part of his life and the consumer has constructed a reality that is a perception of that product and who better than him and his truth to make us grow as a brand.

How do you see the future of advertising vis a vis pubiic relations?

Currently, public relations means that people are a little more aware that relationships have to also be more one on one and not so much as a one way speech delivered to an entire community. They have to be more strategically analyzed one by one and for that, obviously, public relations are needed in all aspects.

Whether this is for moments of crisis, training for key spokespeople, for brand positioning work, for media alliances. Now advertising is not only putting up an advertisement, but rather designing a strategy where the message can reach people in a more strategic manner. Now advertising is not only to advertise but to design a strategy where the message can reach others in more strategic ways.

How is the process of  person brand building?

This topic of personal branding is really interesting because many people, all over the world, have done it. We have all done it in a conscious and unconscious manner. Now a lot more importance has been given to the part of building the brand, because we have seen for a long time that the brand is an institution or a product, but behind that product there is an institution that supports it. And despite the fact that I have contact with the product, the institution is distant .

Now we see that, more and more, brands are becoming more like people . And we talk with them and interact with them. People, and especially public figures who have public, religious, and political influence, whether they are famous or simply are people who participate in different segments, which can be of sports or social groups, increasingly are concerned about how to position themselves , whether as experts, with experiences, skills, and this is how each person begins to build his own personality as if it were a brand.

What message could you give to  all our entrepreneur readers who want to start a business and do not know how to build their image?

I recently got asked what entrepreneurship means and I had never thought about that question. But I realized that entrepreneurship is when you have many, many ideas but suddenly there’s an idea that begins to grow more than the others. And it grows so much that you start to see everything through that idea, and think about it, talk about it and feed from it. And that idea takes hold of you. At that time you become an entrepreneur because you’re true to that idea and you go for it.

I greatly admire people who go out there and form companies, who go out there and form ideas, who want to start creating things. I would tell them that the first thing they need to do is consider how that idea they have and that  company they want to form are going to change the world. For me that is  the main question and the best advice I could give to someone; how this idea will transform this country, how it will transform the world and when they find the answer, then that is when I have my main reason to start.

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