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29 Abr 2013
Artículos en Inglés | Por: Sonia de Belloso

Casual Friday not Freaky Friday

Translated by: Rodrigo Samour Calderón.

Fridays transform the environments of Salvadoran offices and the mood is more relaxed; in spite of the same responsibilities, appointments, calls, or meetings that exist on weekdays due to “Viernes Casual” or Casual Friday employees are allowed more freedom and a more relaxed attire than the rest of the week.  This is a policy that experts consider to boost productivity.

Even though we can choose a different, more comfortable attire, we’re often surprised by colleagues who get confused and dress for the beach or for going out, which may be considered disrespectful towards the company where they work.

There are no golden rules or dress codes for all offices, it all depends on the essence or style of the company. Creative agencies or jobs in the field tend to be more flexible towards the way their workers dress, but most of us work in offices with an established dress code.

We must take into account:

  • Dress according to your age; both on Fridays and other days
  • Having simple clothes that look good with most anything, such as a good pair of jeans, a pair of khakis, or black, pastel, or white shirts.
  • A good neutral colored blazer
  • A sweater for cold offices or weather. No hoodies or sweatshirts with scandalous styles or brands.
  • A pair of nice shoes

In El Salvador, young and talented advisors provide aid through blogs and social networks, which are accessible mediums to generate ideas on how to dress, and which we can use and adapt to our jobs, such as in the case of las Molinas, who accurately suggest: “For her: Jeans are an option for “Casual Friday”, you must choose a solid color and straight cut; avoid skinny jeans and worn pants. We recommend dark blue. You may also opt for a sundress, either of solid colors or patterned. The length of the dress must be at least knee-high. Shoes. We recommend neutral colored flats with a metallic detail to add elegance to your attire. Leave “cork heel wedges” for a more informal occasion.

For him: We recommend a gray or beige suit, interchangeable with a straight-cut, dark blue shirt. You may use a checkered pastel colored shirt. Forget the Oxford shoes, for casual Friday we recommend moccasins.”

Another salvadoran blog “The Good-Looking Blog” brings suggestions for new employees, commenting: “Nobody should go to work in shorts. Among the essentials are blazers because they add style and elegance to your look, jeans or colored pants like classic blue, white, or beige. White shirts are also essential.”

 Some examples:

We have to become conscious of ourselves, that is, knowing you’re going to work. You could be called to an unscheduled meeting, an appointment with a client or colleague, or give a presentation, and dressing properly reflects security and respect. Many complain about not being promoted or being unappreciated, when they might be doing an excellent job but they must take into consideration the impact of their image, and remember: “dress for the job you wish you had, not the one you have.”

  • Ticasso

    Although casual clothing on Fridays or any other day of the week, for that matter, may be acceptable in a lot of companies around the world these days, there has to be certain boundaries which define the professionalism of the individuals representing any outfit or firm at any given time.
    Casual dressing in a place like “Google” or “Apple”, or any other same-like companies in the silicon valley, for instance, where casual went to the extreme (pajamas, robes, slippers, etc.) and are consider the norm, these liberties which go well with their creating abilities and geek’s attitudes enhance their environment to produce even further.

    However, I’ve notice that in El Salvador casual dressing is more of a fashion statement than just dressing casual for a relaxed day at the office. And I also go along with your recommendations of dressing our age, and not with the trends, which in turn shows us to grow old with grace by accepting what is real for us and what is crossing the fine line of falling into ridicule.
    Casual or formal dressing, however, for some local TV presenters is not an issue in the Salvadoran television industry, especially in the news departments—I know this ’cause I watch them every day—and the case is more with the female presenters than their counterpart whom always choose the formal and traditional way of dressing: formal or sport suits (though is not so the case with most reporters in he field) But the majority of female presenters chose to dress way too casual, demeaning themselves and the mews show. For example: dressing night dresses on a daytime show or clothing more suitable for a picnic than for broadcasting news. It seems the taste for some has not yet reach them, or rather fallen slaves to a fashion out of place.

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